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Our Furry Friends

I tell my customers all the time how much I enjoy the custom artwork process. I can paint what I want all day long, but I take it as a special compliment when someone wants to purchase a painting from me that isn't yet created! It's a vote of confidence and trust, and I love making something extra amazing to validate that trust.

One of the projects that occasionally comes to me is creating a portrait of someone's beloved pet. Dogs and cats (and more!) become family members, and have been of especial comfort to us through more than two years now of COVID-19 pandemic. Sometimes people want to honor them with a portrait, but more often I find they want a painting as a memorial to their little furry buddy. These commissions tug on my heart strings, and I go above and beyond to capture the spirit of these precious little lives in my artwork.

Below is a small sampling I thought I'd share! They range in medium... Some are acrylic, watercolor, some drawn, others are digital paintings. :)

Artfully Yours,


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