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"My artwork is a celebration of and communion with nature. Each piece is an interaction, a moment of wondrous encounter coming eye-to-eye with another creature who shares this planet with us. These images are happy and bright, yet also bring a sense of tranquility to the viewer. Looking at one of my paintings is like looking out of a window into the wild, or peering through a diver’s mask during an undersea encounter. My hope is that my images provide a sense of joy and wonder at the diversity of life on this planet while also bringing an awareness of the importance of protecting all of this beauty.


Mirroring nature in my artwork is complemented by my use of natural materials like wood panels, wherein I utilize the woodgrain to represent the movement of water or sky. I also will upcycle items destined for the landfill—an old IKEA headboard or a damaged surfboard—and turn them into works of art with brilliant scenes of nature splashed across them. I want the viewer to be at once delighted with and immersed in these beautiful scenes while simultaneously developing the crucial connection with nature needed to foster an environmentalist spirit."

Emily is based in Los Angeles, CA, and lives by the beach. She is delighted to live mere blocks from the ocean, her happy place.



Emily's work has been shown in prestigious shows throughout California such as the Palos Verdes Art Center, the Torrance Art Museum, and is collected nationwide. 


View resume here.


If you have questions about purchasing a painting, print, or would like to explore commissioning a custom painting, please use the contact form below or email Emily.

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