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Customer Testimonials

Brought us back home

"Emily produces wonderful artwork. We commissioned a piece a few years ago when we moved far away from the ocean. She captured the scene in her style in a way that brought us back home just by looking at the painting. She was on time and on budget."

                       ~Ben V.

Turned out beautifully

"I have purchased several works of art from Emily Brantley, and I love them all! One was a commissioned piece that turned out beautifully. Emily worked closely with me to understand the colors and theme I wanted, and even came to my house to see exactly where I wanted to place it. Emily provided me with frequent updates on the status of the piece, and sent photos as well, so I could see how it was progressing. I love the painting and have received numerous compliments on it."

                        ~Jackie L.

Something I will give my children

"I've consigned four separate artworks from Miss Brantley. Each one I have been very specific on what I wanted, but without any direction. Each time the results have been emotionally overwhelming. I am so happy with the work that I have received. Miss Brantley is one of the most incredible artists I've had the pleasure to work with. I live out of state and all I have to do is tell Ms Brantley what I'm looking for and she always exceeds my expectations."

                      ~Greg G. 

...exquisite, gentle movement of water

"Whether you are living near the beach or are just a lover of the ocean's happy inhabitants, Emily's art is a perfect way to enjoy it every day. I particularly love how she uses the grain found in wood to capture the exquisite, gentle movement of water.  Attention to every  detail of the beauty of her 'subjects' is another reason I had to have 'A Breath of Fresh Air.'  Emily's art is also my way of giving very special gifts to friends and family for their home or office."

        ~LeAnn A.

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