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Commissioning a One-of-a-Kind Custom Painting 








Commissioning a custom painting is a rewarding and fun process. Whether you are looking for something beautiful to match your decor and bring a room together, or if you are looking to create a custom piece with special meaning, we work together closely throughout the process to ensure that the end product fits your vision and becomes a beautiful focal point of your home. 


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How It Works


Step 1: The Creative Process

We will meet to discuss your concept, the space in which you envision your painting, dimensions, and any other details you want included in the piece. This is the brainstorming session where we work together closely and the creativity flows! You can provide as much or as little guidance as you like. Some clients have a precise idea that they want me to actualize; others have only a general idea and want me to "go with the flow" and express that idea however I see fit. It's up to you!


Step 2: Sketches & Approval

With a solid concept agreed upon, I will create sketches of the idea to solidify subject matter and composition. These initial sketches will be submitted to you for comments and then reworked as necessary until a great composition is created that you love.


Step 3: Painting

Now, paint meets canvas (or wood panel!), and I will begin the process of making your custom piece of art.  Along the way, I will send you progress photos so you can see how the piece is developing.


Step 4: Final Review & Approval

Once the painting is completed, I will send you photos or we can arrange a meeting so you can see the finished work of art. If there are any adjustments you would like made, this is when I will make them. 


Step 5: Varnish & Delivery

Once you have approved the finished painting, I will varnish the piece. Once dry, the painting is ready for delivery! The painting will come with D-rings and a wire attached so it is ready to hang in your home.


These simple steps are all it takes to have a beautiful, custom piece made just for you.

It's easy!




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