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Bluestem Hotel in Torrance, CA

Bluestem Hotel Torrance CA featuring art my Emily Brantley

Dear Friends,

Late last year, John Anderson of Visual Experience Fine Art (VEFA) approached me with a big project in mind: a new boutique hotel opening up in Torrance for which he was the art consultant. This hotel wanted a unique and exciting vibe, and John had approached them with my work. And guess what? They loved it!

Over the course of a couple of months, John and I worked closely together to select the right pieces for the lobby of the hotel, carefully curating the first impression the Bluestem Hotel would offer its future guests.

Photo Credit: John Anderson

The Bluestem selected "Whale Song" and "Screech," the latter a collaboration with fellow Hermosa Beach local artist Rafael McMaster, to be their featured pieces. "Whale Song" was a bit of an adventure; to give it some extra flash, I hand-laid gold leaf over the gold orbs in the background, and WOW did it turn out amazing! I'll share more on that process in another post as it was definitely a trial-and-error learning experience.

Check out the photos and be sure to visit the Blue Stem Hotel in Torrance! Huge thanks to John Anderson for this partnership and to the Bluestem Hotel for investing in local art.

Artfully Yours,


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