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Presenting "Laule'a Nalu"

Brand New Artwork! "Laule'a Nalu"

"Laule'a Nalu" (Happy/Peaceful Surf)

I'm so pleased to present my latest custom piece, "Laule'a Nalu!"

I've been working on this one for a while, as it is a large piece, so it feels absolutely amazing to be able to finally show it off to all of you. This piece is pretty massive: 74x30", and it acrylic on wood. I love stretching myself to paint new things, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to make this triptych which was, believe it or not, the first I've done.

Just as exciting was the fact that I was able to debut the piece publicly at the El Segundo Art Walk before sending it off to its permanent home in Hermosa Beach.

El Segundo Art Walk is a very new art event, only in its second year, but it has already grown exponentially from it's founding event in June of 2015, and it was certainly abuzz last night! With over 30 local businesses in the downtown and Smoky Hollow areas of this small town opening their doors, numerous artists were able to display their work and invite the community to explore art and El Segundo!

My work was displayed at Copper Willow Paper Studio, an adorable print shop that utilizes antique printing presses and techniques to create unique and personalized invitations, cards, and more. The oldest of these printers dates back to the 1890s (as seen in my photo above)!

While last night was the final ESAW event of the year, it will be back in 2017 for three more showcase evenings in June, July, and August. Keep an eye on El Segundo; it's going big places when it comes to the arts!

Artfully Yours,


Panel 1 of "Laule'a Nalu"

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