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Presenting: "Underwater Menagerie"

I'm proud to present my latest piece, "Underwater Menagerie."

Underwater Menagerie Image

Materials: Acrylic on Fifteen 8x8" Wood Box Panels

Working on a privately commissioned custom painting is always one of my favorite activities. For this piece, my client came to me with a vision already in mind; he wanted a multi-paneled piece that would be comprised of several saltwater fish.

Using my client's input, I designed the paintings and sent it to him him for approval. Once approved, I started painting and kept him updated with progress photos along the way: #WIP!

I loved my client's concept for the piece and enjoyed breaking up one image into so many smaller pieces. Working with my client throughout was a lot of fun, and I am happy with how it came out (and, most importantly, so is my client!).

For the nature-lovers out there, this piece features the following fish...

Top Row:

-Triggerfish Undulate

-Triggerfish Huma Huma

-Yellow Tang

Middle Row:


-Leopard Shark

-Yellow Tang

-Niger Triggerfish

Bottom Row:

-Coral-banded Shrimp

-Snowflake Moray Eel

-Clownfish in Sea Anemones

-Chocolate Chip Starfish

-Cleaner Wrasse

-Mandarin Fish

If you are interested in a custom painting of your own, please visit the "Custom Art" page here on my website to learn more.

Artfully Yours,


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