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April 2015: New Art, New Website, New Adventure!

Big things are in the works!

Hello, friends!

I have some exciting news! After working as an Art Buyer, I have decided that it is finally time for me to get back to

doing what I truly love: Creating!

As of the beginning of the month, I have returned to working for myself full-time as an artist.

It’s been a month of transitions for me. I left my former position as Art Buyer and TV show host and turned the big

3-0 in late March. These changes usher in a new season of excitement, hope, and hard work, a season of adulthood

and flexing my creative and business muscles to test my limits. For that, I am excited.

On a more sober note, I also lost my beloved grandfather. I was very close with Grandpa, and he was one of my

biggest supporters when it came to pursuing becoming an artist and doing what I love. From the time I was a tot,

he enforced in me regularly that I was smart, beautiful, and that I could do and become anything I wanted. He is an

integral part of the firm foundation that the adults in my life built for me as I grew up, giving me courage and

confidence to take chances and try new things. I will miss him greatly, but I carry with me the strength and

love he generously gave during his time here, particularly as I return to working for myself.

I can’t wait to jump in with both feet. I am going to be painting non-stop over the next couple of months to build

my portfolio, so there will be lots of new paintings to look at coming soon! I am happily accepting commissions, as well.

I would love it if you would subscribe to my monthly newsletter and follow me on Facebook, if you haven't already.

Thank you so much to those of you who are my cheerleaders, who support me in my work and life. You

have no idea what your encouragement means to me. I really couldn’t do it without you.

Artfully Yours,


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