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Presenting: HoloHolo

"Holoholo" 30x40" Acrylic on Wooden Box Panel I was contacted a couple of months ago by a wonderful lady in Maryland who was decorating who her new beach house and looking for something to be a true presentation piece in her living room. Having seen some of my former paintings online, she knew she wanted one of my sea turtles.

I really enjoy working with clients during the commissioned painting process. I can paint what I like all day long, but it's a new and different experience to work with another person's vision and to try to make that come to life. She told me her thoughts and her vision, aspects of my previous paintings she enjoyed and wanted to see incorporated in the piece, and I designed several sketches for her to examine.

For those of you who follow me on Facebook, you were able to watch the process as I created this piece. When I was finished, I sent her the piece and got her opinion. She had a couple of tweaks she wanted (more fish!), so I added a couple more for her and am so pleased to say that I have a happy customer! She has a beautiful home, and I am so honored that my piece will complete her decor!

Holoholo I like to give my sea turtle paintings Hawaiian names as that is where I first encountered these fantastic creatures. For this piece, I chose the name "Holoholo" which means to wander or travel. There are nuances lost in the translation, however, that give added meaning to the word. Holoholo means to wander or "go out on a lark"--to set off traveling, often with no particular destination in mind. It is thought that, if you have no particular destination in mind, then you always end up exactly where you were supposed to be. I loved this concept when I first read about it, and I hope that all of you have a holoholo-type expedition of your own!

Artfully Yours, Emily

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