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For Love of Honey

For Love of Honey

The opening reception for the CA 101 art show was this past Friday, and we had an incredible turnout. Art lovers packed into the Pier Plaza pop-up galleries in Redondo Beach to see work by artists from all over California. The variety was incredible, ranging from sculpture to drawings, abstract to photo-realistic, and the quality of craftsmanship and creativity was top tier.

I was honored to have two pieces selected to be part of this year’s juried show, and I wanted to share with you the message behind one of my pieces.

“For Love of Honey” is an installation composed of an acrylic on canvas painting and 250 brass bees attached directly to the wall. Each bee was handmade using the lost-wax casting method and finished by hand. The piece was inspired by the strange disappearance of honeybees in recent years, and the wide repercussions that their absence is creating. This issue, while little known, is important enough that the White House has created a special task force to look into the situation. (To learn more, visit: White House Creates New Honeybee Task Force).

Artist Statement For Love of Honey "I’m fascinated by nature and the complexity of organisms inhabiting the earth around us, awed by its Creator. Each creature has its purpose. Honeybees do more than produce a delicious, amber substance for our tea and toast; they are the main pollinators of crops and plants that we humans (and the rest of the earth) depend on for food. And the honeybees are disappearing. Scientists hasten to discover whether their decline is due to agricultural practices, climate change, or disease, but at the moment there are only theories. Let us hope it never comes to pass that the honeybee is a creature remembered only in art."

The show will be running through Sunday, June 29th, if you would like to explore these galleries for yourself.

HOURS: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, (June 24 - June 27) 1:00pm - 7:00pm Saturday (June 28) - 1:00pm - 8:00pm

Sunday (June 29) - 1:00pm - 6:00pm

Artfully Yours, Emily

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