Set of 5 Watercolor Paintings

1. This original watercolor/mixed media depicts a colorful sea horse, bright yellows and oranges in beautiful contrast against vivid blues and greens. A few bubbles drift lazily upward against the soft off-white paper.

2. This original watercolor/mixed media on paper piece depicts a weedy sea dragon, a whimsical little cousin of the seahorse who looks remarkable like the kelp among which it swims.

3. A blue crab scuttles over a white background. White dapples mottle the crustacean's shell, gentle yet vibrant blues, yellows, and oranges creating a pleasing palette.

4. This brightly-colored original watercolor features a nautilus scooting past sea grass.

5. This rainbow-hued jellyfish glides gracefully through the sea, gently pulsating and undulating in its unique way. An original watercolor/mixed media piece, this is a strikingly colorful work of art.

This piece comes framed and matted in a tasteful antiqued gold frame with cream and gold matting. It is ready to hang and is part of a 5-piece series.

Art: 11x14"
Framed: 18.5x22.5"
  • Details

    Set of 5 Original, Mixed Media Watercolor Paintings on Paper, Framed

    Dimensions, Each Painting
    Art: 11x14"
    Framed: 18.5x22.5"