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Sea Lion Encounter

Sea Lion Encounter


"Sea Lion Encounter"

Original Acrylic on Birch Wood



A curious California sea lion dives deeper to take a closer look at you. Playful and inquisitive by nature, this golden-brown female sea lion glides free in her natural habitat. 


"California sea lions are very social animals, and groups often rest closely packed together at favored haul-out sites on land or float together on the ocean's surface in "rafts." They are sometimes seen "porpoising," or jumping out of the water, presumably to speed up their swimming. Sea lions have also been seen "surfing" breaking waves. California sea lions are opportunistic eaters, feeding on squid, octopus, herring, rockfish, mackerel, and small sharks. In turn, sea lions are preyed upon by Orcas (killer whales) and great white sharks."

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This piece will require framing, or contact Emily at to request custom framing for an additional cost.

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