"Underwater Menagerie" 15-piece Limited Edition

Fifteen 8x8" gallery-wrapped canvas giclees

A menagerie of saltwater creatures glides across these panels over the backdrop of swirling depths. On the sea bed grows anemones and coral. Hiding among the coral is an array of creatures.

-Triggerfish Undulate
-Triggerfish Huma Huma
-Yellow Tang
-Leopard Shark
-Niger Triggerfish
-Coral-banded Shrimp
-Snowflake Moray Eel
-Clownfish & Anemones
-Chocolate Chip Starfish
-Cleaner Wrasse
-Mandarin Fish

Available in a limited edition of only 50.
  • Details

    "Underwater Menagerie" is limited to an edition of 50.

    ~44x26" when hung

    This piece consists of fifteen 8x8" giclee on canvas pieces, gallery-wrapped with black edges. These fifteen pieces comprise one overall image. Please note that the giclees here are displayed against a black background.

    Each giclee comes wired and ready-to-hang and the piece will be signed and numbered.

    Please email me at info@emilybrantleyart.com with any questions.